Located at the base of Buckhorn Mountain at 6700' elevation, Buckhorn Gardens is a small, organic vegetable farm 13mi. south of Montrose, Colorado. Our farm is an active part of a 12,000 acre ranch; however, we only manage 3 acres with intensive vegetable gardening.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

As a farmer, one must always take stock of the past to see the future maybe a bit clearer and to improve, and rest on a few laurels in the lean winter months! Here is a rundown of what our farm accomplished in aught seventeen:
  • Sold food 49 out of 52 weeks 
  • 11 Employees employed on the front lines of farming: Manager, Asst. Manager, Part-time labourer, and interns
  • 3 Farmers' Markets Attended: Montrose, Ridgway, and Telluride (over 70 markets!)
  • Thousands of pounds of produce donated to Montrose Food Bank and Christ's Kitchen
  • Events and Programs (due to to the hard work of Valley Food Partnership: Savor the San Juans, Pharmacy Rx, Food and Farm Forum, and a Farm to School Grant
  • Participated for a 3rd year in the All You Can Eat Chili fundraiser for Partners Mentoring Youth of Delta, Montrose and Ouray Counties
  • In conjunction with Farm to School Grant we sell to Ridgway and Ouray schools
  • Thousand of pounds of potatoes and greens harvested
  • Sold year round to Colorado Boy in Ridgway, Butcher and the Baker in Telluride,  Norwood Fresh Food Hub and Vicki's Fresh Food Movement
  • CSA program year-round: May-October Summer and the rest of the year our one of kind Winter build-your-own-box
  • Did 27 weeks of our unique Build-Your-Own-CSA boxes 
  • 30 egg-laying Chickens purchased
  • 2 pigs wandered the farm for 1/2 the year
  • Last of the Buckhorn goat brood was sold
  • New roof put on the Walipini

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hello everyone, my name is Justin and my partner Trinity and I are the new interns at Buckhorn Gardens. I’m from North Carolina and I have been called crazy for crossing the country and coming to the Colorado Rockies in the middle of winter. Well life’s a garden, dig it. I want my life to be an adventure and life is my garden so I’m going to plant what I want and live my life to the fullest. What good is an empty garden? So what does the phrase mean to you? To me it’s a chance to do what I want to in life, but it’s up to me make that happen and to maintain and keep growing. Right now I am interning here at Buckhorn because it is helping me reach my goal of living a self sustaining lifestyle.  One of the key factors of life is food,  what better way than to grow it yourself and know where it comes from and what was used on it. I think it tastes better also. If you can’t grow it yourself buy from your local farmers who take care of the food. I love cooking and will give you  recipes along the way that can be made out of our CSA boxes here at Buckhorn.  Click on the recipes link to check out our farmy Shepard's Pie! Here are some pics from our perspective.