Located at the base of Buckhorn Mountain at 6700' elevation, Buckhorn Gardens is a small, organic vegetable farm 13mi. south of Montrose, Colorado. Our farm is an active part of a 12,000 acre ranch; however, we only manage 3 acres with intensive vegetable gardening.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

As a farmer, one must always take stock of the past to see the future maybe a bit clearer and to improve, and rest on a few laurels in the lean winter months! Here is a rundown of what our farm accomplished in aught seventeen:
  • Sold food 49 out of 52 weeks 
  • 11 Employees employed on the front lines of farming: Manager, Asst. Manager, Part-time labourer, and interns
  • 3 Farmers' Markets Attended: Montrose, Ridgway, and Telluride (over 70 markets!)
  • Thousands of pounds of produce donated to Montrose Food Bank and Christ's Kitchen
  • Events and Programs (due to to the hard work of Valley Food Partnership: Savor the San Juans, Pharmacy Rx, Food and Farm Forum, and a Farm to School Grant
  • Participated for a 3rd year in the All You Can Eat Chili fundraiser for Partners Mentoring Youth of Delta, Montrose and Ouray Counties
  • In conjunction with Farm to School Grant we sell to Ridgway and Ouray schools
  • Thousand of pounds of potatoes and greens harvested
  • Sold year round to Colorado Boy in Ridgway, Butcher and the Baker in Telluride,  Norwood Fresh Food Hub and Vicki's Fresh Food Movement
  • CSA program year-round: May-October Summer and the rest of the year our one of kind Winter build-your-own-box
  • Did 27 weeks of our unique Build-Your-Own-CSA boxes 
  • 30 egg-laying Chickens purchased
  • 2 pigs wandered the farm for 1/2 the year
  • Last of the Buckhorn goat brood was sold
  • New roof put on the Walipini


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