Located at the base of Buckhorn Mountain at 6700' elevation, Buckhorn Gardens is a small, organic vegetable farm 13mi. south of Montrose, Colorado. Our farm is an active part of a 12,000 acre ranch; however, we only manage 3 acres with intensive vegetable gardening.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well, week 4 is here and guess what, more greens! More spinach, kale, chard, perpetual spinach, mustard greens and salad greens. Our salad greens consist of lettuce, kale, chard, mustard greens, mizuna, tatsoi, beet greens, pea shoots, arugula and sometimes spinach. This is our spring mix and it will change depending on the season. During the summer when its hotter the mix is mostly lettuce. Last week we had some new veggies like broccoli, Japanese summer turnips, radishes and beets. This week more of the same, however this will be the last week we have parsnips until late fall.

Last week we covered Mars, our second high tunnel with plastic. Just one more to build! So far we have planted over a hundred tomato plants in Mars. We will also be transplanting artichokes, sweet potatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers, eggplant, okra, melons, cucumbers and some summer squash into our high tunnels. Our first high tunnel still needs a name, any suggestions? Outside we have been laying weed barrier in pathways. First we tackle the weeds with the weedwacker and then cover them up forever! There has been lots of bed prepping too, for strawberries, lettuce and celery transplants. Have a good week...

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  1. What nice chickens! What breed do you have? Do you ever sell laying hens or even older pullets?
    -Lauren, Ridgway